The Shoe That Never Falls Flat

6 Sep
We all have enough drama in our lives, and if we don’t, one need look no further than Bravo TV for a fun-filled source 😉 We certainly don’t need any when it comes to our feet, now do we ladies? This week, I wanted to share with you one of my most beloved shoe styles –the no drama, what I like to call “fall flip flop”. The ballet flat.  While they’ve certainly been around for a long time, there’s a reason fashionistas turn to this classic footwear decade after decade. And if you think about it, it’s not hard to see why!

Who says a ballet flat can’t accessorize? Shown here is the Liz in bright silver. Available at!

#1 – They’re Easy. With the ballet flat, there are no buckles to contend with, no slings to adjust. Not even strings to lace up. You just slip them on and Voila! Hence the “fall’s flip flop” title. What do you think? Should I patent it? 😉
#2 – They’re Comfortable. How many of you walk around with screaming feet? There’s no doubt that stilettos are synonymous with sexy. They click as you walk, announcing your arrival like a personal page, and they work wonders for calves. But let’s face it ladies – they hurt. Feet clad in stilettos…HOT. Feet with blistered heels, corned toes, and aching arches? Not so much. Even worse – plantar fasciitis and other foot issues that stem from a lifetime of skyscraper heels. Wearing ballet flats is akin to wearing slippers. You no longer have to sneak your fuzzy, pink bootie Dearfoams in to work and slip them on under your desk. The ballet flat accomplishes both work-savvy fashion and amazing comfort all in one.

The Liz Ballet Flat, shown here in Red Canvas, makes a statement while going easy on your feet! $64@

#3 – They’re Travel-Friendly. It’s no secret that I’m a jet-setter. Just in this past month alone, I’ve travelled three times – all while seven months pregnant! One of the reasons I haven’t gotten too hormonal is my trusty ballet flats. They’re light, so I never have to feel guilty packing more than one pair (most shoes have that annoying way of tipping the luggage scale), I can stretch and move around on the plane without taking out an eye, and I can explore my destination in both comfort and style. They’re also purse-sized, so you can carry them with you wherever you go. A lot of you wear boots in the winter – and if there’s snow on the ground, you might not be wearing your most fashionable pair. But what’s great about ballet flats is that you can keep them tucked right in your purse. That way, if you’re headed to a friend’s house for dinner, or even to work, you can lose those slush-covered, clunky boots that can get too warm too fast once you’re inside.
#4 – They Look Great With Almost Any Outfit. Jeans and a cute top.  Leggings and a tunic.  A sheath dress. A skirt with tights. What do these all have in common? They look great with ballet flats! A lot of women think they need heels to accessorize, but the truth is, the ballet flat is a perfect go to because it’s classic and trendy at the same time. My new favorite ballet flat – and  yes, I know I’m being a little partial here – is the patent quilt Liz. We combined the look of the trendy quilt pattern with the traditional ballet flat style. I love it! To me, that’s what making a fashion statement is all about. We’ll be exploring more of this season’s looks and how to pair them with ballet flats later on this fall.  

The Liz Ballet Flat is LP’s most recent “fall flip flop”. The Patent Quilt Liz comes in black (shown) brown, and pewter.       Available at

#5 – They’re Great if You’re Tall. I don’t have the problem of height. At 5’1, I wish! But I know some of my girlfriends don’t want to “stick out” by wearing heels (especially when they’re hanging out with me!) Ballet flats are such a super-chic solution. You can look uber fashion-conscious without feeling self-conscious 😉
If you think about it, the ballet flat is really like a best friend. Adorable, dependable, and comfortable. Even better, you can take them anywhere!  What do you love about them? I love to hear from you guys!

LP Fall 2012 Fashion: Behind The Scenes

20 Aug

Beautiful Models. Bold Makeup. Photographers with French accents. It seems as if there’s almost nothing more glamorous than a fashion photo shoot. Ever wondered what goes on when the bulbs and shutters aren’t flashing? Switchflop’s creator and founder Lindsay Phillips answers many of your commonly asked questions below!


Tweed, featured in many of LP’s fall shoes and accessories, is a huge must-have staple this year.

How many times a year do the photo shoots occur?

Two times a year and they are always so much fun! One for the spring (September) and one for the fall (March).  

Lindsay sits patiently as her airbrush makeup is applied.

Are the shoots labor intensive?

A TON of work goes into the shoots; not only do we have to have final samples (which sometimes take over 6 months to perfect), but there is a lot of coordination that needs to be done, like models, hair & make-up, props, setting, photographer, styling, shot list, marketing plan for the season, and the list goes on…

LP Model Nancy poses among an array of LP’s soon-to-be-released fall shoes.

How long do the shoots take?

It is a long day. We usually start at 6am and finish at 9pm.        

Where does all of this happen?

 For this Fall we actually converted our conference room into a studio. And yes, we painted the walls white!

How do you choose the models?

We hire a professional foot model just for  the shoot. She has perfect hands, feet, and legs! 😉 

And you, of course, model. What is that like?

It is actually hard to stay in some of the poses. The one of me holding my legs up on the stump was not an easy position to hold. Being a professional model is not an easy job.

Nancy balances on a stack of books – all part of LP’s vision for a new wedge which will debut in a matter of days!

What do you do to help focus and maintain energy?

 I always like to have music in the background, to keep it fun.

Model Nancy’s beautiful stems adorned in gold tights highlight one of LP’s latest fall creations – her fall launch occurs in just days!

So if this took place in March, you would have been pregnant.

 Yes! A fun fact was that I was pregnant during this shoot, but only I knew….I was very early on.

Where do you get the clothing for your shoot? Does a stylist assist you?

 All of the clothes/jewelry used are from my personal closet……many times last minute wardrobe changes happen.

Lindsay and Nancy take a quick break to pose for blog fans. LP is stoked about her many new shoes & accessories coming out later this week!

Did your dog come along this time?

Cosmo could not be at this shoot, since it was in the NJ office, but he is usually my best accessory 🙂

Your hair looks different in this shoot. Is that closer to your natural color?

My hair is a bit darker than normal…..yes, it is natural. I wanted my true golden hair to come through in this shoot.

What do you think the most important element of a good photo shoot is?

 Any photographer will tell you that the key to a shoot is lighting. Also, it is important to be as organized as possible—I like all the products to be out and ready to go. Having a plan and similar style shots is key. Design inspiration is a must have!

Fall fashion samples placed strategically so they are readily accessible. Which piece are you most excited to see in stores and on the web?


The Art of Beach Bumming

2 Aug

Soaking up the sun at 24 weeks!

As a Florida native, the beach is practically my second home. I also spend a lot of time at my in-law’s home in Hopetown, Bahamas. I’ve learned through trial and error what to wear and what to leave home. Here are my fun-in-the-sun essentials:


Beach Coverlet

Gulf Breeze Coverlet Pink

If you’re anything like me, you love to walk the beach. I can’t sit still for too long, and with the backdrop of the ocean, the wet sand in my toes, and the seagulls overhead, I forget that I’m actually working my leg muscles! I am always stopping interesting shells or watch for dolphins, so I don’t want to have to worry whether my suit is staying in place (especially now that I‘m 24 weeks along!). That’s where flirty coverlets become handy. You can tie them around your waist and wear them as a sarong to cover your bottom half or even twist them into a sexy little beach dress! LP Gulf Breeze Coverlets provide the lightweight coverage we need, and even better, can double as towels or scarves. The modern tie-dye pattern is bright and fun, while the terry cloth lining helps them dry quickly if you decide to splash around a little too much 😉 To keep my beach tote a little lighter, I wear this right to the beach. That way, I don’t have to mess with extra clothing.

Shell Bag

Collecting shells is a timeless treasure whether you’re three or eight-three. They’re the perfect hand-picked souvenir, an actual piece of the beach you can take home that’s full of warm memories. But there’s nothing worse than discovering that all of the beautiful, unique shells you collected over the course of a day or week were crushed in the bottom of your beach bag, or even lost. We get so caught up in finding the perfect beach bags that we forget about seashell bags – a top  beach essential! These netted bags are designed to keep your sea treasures dry and safe. You’re also a lot less likely to forget about your shells until it’s too late. And once you get them home, there are so many things you can do with them! Put them in a small vase, glass lamp, or even a glass display box. You can also small boxes or mirrors with them to add a little beach bling to your home décor. Happy shelling!


The Jordi Flip Flop in Coral

Of course, you can’t head to the beach without a great pair of sandals. But you want something that’s comfortable and easy (no heels please!) to take on and off. Too many straps and buckles are just inconvenient, and honestly, they look too dressy with swim gear. Flip flops are your perfect go-to. My favorite? The Coral Jordi. Coral is always classic in the spring and summer time—and even better, it goes with everything! The Jordi’s crocodile-patterned sole and super chic signature snap, give this sandal the perfect amount of summer bling, with the comfort of a flip flop. What more can a girl ask for? 😉

Sun Protection

It is so not worth a day at the beach if you come home with sun-scorched skin! Lying on the sand and playing in the waves may feel amazing, but they’re also maximum sun exposure activities. On a hot summer day, you begin burning within a matter of minutes. Did you know that your chance of skin cancer increases with the number of sunburns you get? It’s just not worth it – not to mention the wrinkles that accompany your exposure. Remember Magda from There’s Something About Mary? Need I say more? I like to be tan, but as a Floridian, I’ve learned the art of beach-going without the redness and blisters that often follow. And it’s as simple as a good UV sunscreen. I  I absolutely LOVE Supergoop. It provides stellar, antioxidant-rich coverage, but its light texture makes it easy to glide on. It’s also paraben and fragrance free, so I don’t have to worry about slathering chemicals all over my skin. PLEASE Don’t forget about your lips! They, too, can be damaged by sun and wind exposure. You don’t want to have a great summer glow with chapped, peeling lips. Look for a balm with spf to help keep your kisser super soft!

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5 Summer Must-Haves

23 Jul

Modish Maxis

The maxi gained fashion momentum in the late 1960s and has reigned as a classic summer staple ever since.  Much more versatile than its mini counterpart, it can camouflage stubborn bulges, cover less-than-tan stems, and even conceal annoying leg stubble. Even better, the cinched waist and flowing lines are about as classy as a gal can get. The key to maximizing on this dress is to choose the right style for your body type. Done right, this dress can actually elongate a petite frame – just be sure to shop for floor-sweeping, empire waist styles that feature  small prints, vertical lines, or solid colors. Not so petite? Choose V-neck styles & thicker straps to flatter a large bust, and choose a style that isn’t so boxy that it hangs like a tent, but isn’t so form-fitting that it clings. This has been my go-to look since I became pregnant! I am just so lucky that this style is in right now. I would be so uncomfortable without my maxis.

The Ideal Shades

Let’s be honest: as fabulous as they look on the runway, there’s nothing more irritating on a hot summer day than the weight of dangling earrings and heavily-beaded necklaces. Your go-to above-the-shoulders accessory? Sunglasses! The perfect pair of ray-bans protects your peepers and completes any summer look.  From bejeweled square designs to rock-star aviators, there are endless styles to suit both your face shape and complexion. Even better? Trying them on doesn’t require a poorly-lit fitting room and a handbag full of regrets for indulging in that frozen caramel mochaccino at lunch. There is nothing sexier than aviators. I am rocking my Ray Ban’s at the moment. I call them my power shades!

Serious Sunscreen

Do not, do not, do not (did I mention do not?) leave home without sunscreen. The only thing more unsightly than lobster-colored shoulders with stark white strap lines is peeling lobster-colored shoulders. Not to mention the years of sun damage that are unraveling the benefits of all those expensive products you’ve painstakingly applied as part of your skin-care regimen. Go with a broad spectrum SPF of at least 30—55 or higher if you burn easily –and apply generously. Next to water, there’s no better way to pamper your skin under the harsh rays of the summer sun. Thanks to my favorite skin care guru Kate Sommerville, I can now even get my sunscreen tinted. This is an LP must have…..I can’t go anywhere without it.

Flirty Summer Wedges

Nothing is more sophisticated than a great pair of wedge sandals. They can make any outfit go from frumpy to fabulous. This triangular heel-style also balances any figure, lengthening legs, slenderizing ankles, and highlighting those calf muscles. With all the flashy color choices out there, it can be difficult to find a neutral wedge that will go with everything but is still FUN. A braid-wrapped wedge heel, like The Devon, looks natural and classic, with just the perfect amount of bling. The Devon’s raffia blossom snap is earthy and chic, while its jeweled center adds subtle pizzazz. The Devon comes in three neutral colors – black, light brown, and green – that are sure to compliment any wardrobe. The snap possibilities with this wedge make it even more irresistible. If you’re looking for a bit more panache, check out the black with the Keagan or Karli, the light brown with the Felicia, and the green with the Mae or Billie.

Confidence-inspiring Swimwear

Nothing can strike more fear in the hearts of every woman than the thought of shopping for a swimsuit. And with this year’s record-breaking temperatures, there’s no hiding under your umbrella in last-year’s caftan. But the search doesn’t have to be painful. There are more styles this season than ever before to help lift, cinch, and flatter. If you’re pear-shaped, highlight your small waist with a bikini. Just be sure to balance out your top half by choosing a fuller-coverage top and avoiding skirted styles that can shorten legs and widen hips. Less than a C cup? Create a fuller bust with frilly tops or padded styles. And if you’re thicker in the waist, you’re in luck this season! Color blocking is all the rage for a reason: it creates the illusion of a tiny waist. If you’re still seeing red, a suit or tankini with ruched sides is always classic. For those of us who really want to look even skinner in our suits, Sara Blakley the founder of Spanx now has a swimwear line. Get it all in one suit.


Lindsay’s Holiday Gift Guide!

16 Nov

We know how hard finding the perfect gift can be. So this year Lindsay wants to make your life a little easier! She put together her personal holiday gift guide for you to follow this season! Happy shopping! xo


Lindsay Phillips DYOS Contest!

9 Nov

We are so excited to announce the final strap submissions! See one you love? Each strap design has the person’s name underneath it. Leave a comment with their name to vote for your favorite!

Alexandra's Strap

Ayn's Strap

Barbara's Strap

Beth's Strap

Betsy's Strap

Cat's Strap

Dana's Strap

Debra's Strap

Diane's Strap

Emma's Strap

Jennifer's Strap

Lindsay's Strap

Lorraine's Strap

Nancy's Strap

Paula's Strap

Penelope's Strap

Rachel's Strap

Sara's Strap

Susan's Strap

That’s it! These are all of the fabulous designs we received. Vote for your favorite by leaving a comment below with the person’s name. Have your friends and family vote too! We’ll be announcing the winner soon! xo.

The $30 Million School Project: The Next Big Idea?

19 Aug

Last September Lindsay was featured on the AOL homepage and recently Huffington Post re-ran her story. If you had not had the chance to read it last year, here it is! They asked; The $30 Million School Project, the next big idea? Here at Lindsay Phillips, we think so!



Lindsay Phillips on Good Morning America!

2 Aug

Our favorite host Lara Spencer recently featured us on her Friday Favorites list for must haves for your trip to the beach this summer. What are her LP favorites? Jordi, Lulu, Mandy, and our Sebring totes! Also featured are several of our light, airy scarves perfect for the beach and cool summer nights!

Spring Fever!

21 Jul

We know we’re getting ready to launch our Fall line but our Spring line is in the works now and it looks amazing too! We are so excited for you guys to see it! Tell us what you’re looking forward to the most by voting on your favorite. Don’t see anything here you just love? That’s okay, tell us what else you’d like to see from LP on our Facebook page!

Mandy only mingles with the best.

12 Jul

One of our favorite stylists, Courtney K. features our Mandy jelly flop in her fabulous blog, as a summer must-have. Even for the fashionista, our Mandy’s are a top contender. See what Courtney has to say about our Mandy’s here! –>